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Alfrederick Smith Hatch
Alfrederick Smith Hatch
July 21, 1829 - May 13, 1904
Married Theodosia Ruggles at Norwalk, Connecticut, May 4, 1854.
Lived at 49 Park Avenue, New York, and Newport, Rhode Island, 1870; at Pamprapo, New Jersey, 1879; at The Castle, Tarrytown, New York, 1880-1888

Swallow Tail Line Packet
Swallow Tail Line Packet New World in Liverpool
From the original photograph belonging to Mrs. Dora E. Chamberlain, whose husband, Captain James H. Chamberlain, long served aboard the ship. Certainly this is one of the first photographs of a tall ship ever taken.

The Embarkation
The Embarkation, Waterloo Dock, Liverpool
The scene in the Waterloo dock, at Liverpool, where all the American sailing packets are stationed, is at all times a very busy one; but, on the morning of the departure of a large ship, with a full complement of emigrants, it is peculiarly exciting and interesting. The passengers have undergone inspection, and many of them have taken up their quarters on board for twenty-four hours previously, as they are entitled to do by terms of the act of Parliament.
Illustrated London News, July 6, 1850
Reprinted with permission

Departure from Liverpool
The Departure from Liverpool
There are usually a large number of spectators at the dock-gates to witness the final departure of the noble ship, with its large freight of human beings. It is an interesting and impressive sight; and the most callous and indifferent can scarcely fail, at such a moment, to form cordial wishes for the pleasant voyage and safe arrival of the emigrants, and for their future prosperity in their new home. As the ship is towed out, hats are raised, handkerchiefs are waved, and a loud and long-continued shout of farewell is raised from the shore, and cordially responded to from the ship.
Illustrated London News, July 6, 1850
Reprinted with permission

A.S. Hatch's Yacht
A.S. Hatch's yacht, Resolute, 1871, J.P. Newell
Off Newport, Rhode Island

The Castle
The Castle, Tarrytown, New York.
Home of Alfrederick Smith Hatch, 1880-1888. Later sold to become Miss Mason's School for Girls, whose most illustrious student was Clare Booth Luce. It has since been demolished.

Dora Hatch
Dora Hatch
About the time of her wedding

Top row (left to right): Jane Hatch, Louise Hatch; middle row: Mary Hatch, Dora Hatch; front: Jack Corbett

Fisk & Hatch Civil War Broadcast
Fisk & Hatch Civil War Broadside
(Courtesy Museum of American Financial History, New York)

Fisk & Hatch Publication 1 Fisk & Hatch Publication 2
Fisk & Hatch Publication, 1879
This was published a few months before Jack Corbett came back into the life of A.S. Hatch
(Courtesy New York Historical Society)

Harvey Fisk
Harvey Fisk
A.S. Hatch's business partner for 23 years.
(Courtesy New York Historical Society)

Howard Mission and Home for Life Wanderers
The Howard Mission and Home for Little Wanderers
37 New Bowery, New York, New York.
A.S. Hatch was president of the organization for years.

Howard Mission Logo
Logo of The Howard Mission and Home for Little Wanderers

Hatch and Ruggles
A.S. Hatch and Theodosia Ruggles Hatch in later years.

Jerry McAuley
Jerry McAuley
1839 - 1884
Founder of the Water Street Mission in 1872, financed by A.S. Hatch

Hatch Family
The Hatch Family, 1870--71, Eastman Johnson (1824--1906)
From left to right: Will (looks like he is knitting); John (about to go out the door; he looks exactly like his distant cousin several times removed, Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah); Grandma Ruggles; Grandpa, Dr. Horace Hatch (who sent his asthmatic son to sea in 1849); Louise (Mrs. George Preston); Frederic; Theodosia (called Dora) holding Emily Nichols Hatch (baby); Alfrederick Smith Hatch; Theodosia Ruggles Hatch (elbow on mantle); Edward (standing in front of her with horn); Jessamine (with her hand on her mother's skirt; displaced from Dora's lap by baby Emily and repainted here); Mary (with magazine); Horace (on the floor); Jane.
To see the portrait in color, visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art:

All royalties after out-of-pocket expenses from Jack Corbett, Mariner will be donated by the Hatch family to The New York City Rescue Mission founded by Jerry McAuley and A. S. Hatch 130 years ago. See The New York City Rescue Mission on 9/11.

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